Laboratory of psychology of small groups and intergroup relations

The Laboratory of psychology of small group and intergroup relationships

Dr. Lidia Chornа
Head of the Laboratory, Ph.D in Psychology, Senior Research Fellow




Laboratory Team:

Pavlo Gornostai – Doctor in Psychology, professor, Chief Research Fellow

Oksana Yaremchuk – Doctor in Psychology, Associate Professor, Leading Research Fellow

Olga Korobanova – Ph.D in Psychology, Senior Research Fellow

Viktor Vus – Ph.D in Psychology, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Editor-in-Chief of Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal
Director-at-Large (2021-2023), World Federation for Mental Health,
Facilitator (Ukraine), international Mental Wellness Society

Advisor for the year 2020-2021 with a mission and vision to promote Mental Health Awareness and Psychological Wellbeing (PFM; UN Global Compact)


Olga Pletka – Ph.D in Psychology, Senior Research Fellow

Iryna Revera – Junior Research Fellow

About Laboratory:

The Laboratory of Psychology of Small Groups and Intergroup Relations was established in 2006 with the aim of investigating the problems of intragroup and intergroup interaction in various social situations.

Scientists of the laboratory study the problems of group interaction in difficult social situations; intergroup interaction in conditions of war and peace; group identity; group unconscious; psychology of collective trauma; psychology of roles and gender psychology; mental health; psychology of historical memory; diverse aspects of psychotherapy, psychological rehabilitation and counseling psychology and many others.

• The main scientific achievements of the laboratory include:
• Socio-psychological theory of group identity in small groups of educational and social environments
• The main provisions of the theory of the conscious and unconscious as factors in the regulation of group interaction
• The main provisions of the theory of problem group interaction in difficult social situations

Since 2021, laboratory staff has been carrying out scientific research on the topic “Psychology of intergroup interaction in the historical and territorial dimensions.” Since war is an extreme form of intergroup interaction, and the factors of war are historically and territorially determined features of intergroup relations, the definition of temporal and spatial socio-psychological mechanisms of conflict interaction of social groups is relevant and prognostically important. The study involves determining the scientific foundations for resolving and overcoming contradictions, tensions, conflicts between different social groups caused by collective traumas, states of war and peace.

Over the years, the laboratory worked: doctors of psychological sciences V.V. Gorbunova, V.R. Dorozhkin, O.A. Leshchinskaya, candidates of psychological sciences O.L. Voznesenskaya, N.V. Dyshlova, G.V. Tsyganenko.

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