Problems of political psychology and its role in the formation of a citizen of the Ukrainian state

The collection is a professional in the field of psychological sciences and is registered in the international database of periodicals of the ISSN-register (№ 2411-1449). Periodicity of the publication – twice a year. Approximate thematic directions of the collection:

Theoretical and methodological problems and actual problems of political psychology at the present stage of social development;
Psychology in conditions of external military aggression;
Psychological aspects of socio-political situation in Ukraine: scenarios of social and personal development;
Political leadership and psychology of political choice;
Psychological factors in the democratization of political life and the building of civil society;
Political and psychological problems of socialization of youth in conditions of social transformations and reformation of education;
Political communications: socio-psychological regularities and psychotechnological mechanisms;
Psychological mechanisms of the relationship between politics and economics;
Psychological problems of intergroup relations, geopolitics and globalization;
The development of political psychology as a discipline and the task of training specialists in this field.
Foundation year: 1995 (re-registration 2013)

Topic: Actual problems of political psychology, psychological problems of civil society building in Ukraine


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