Department of Mass and Community Psychology


About the department:

The laboratory of Mass and Communities Psychology was created in 1994 as a branch of the psychology of masses and organizations of the Scientific and Practical Center of Political Psychology of the AES of Ukraine.

Scientists of the branch of the psychology of masses and communities have significant experience in theoretical and practical explore of the processes and regularities of the functioning of mass consciousness and behavior. It has been carried out since 1994.

Within the framework of research on the topics

“Social and psychological characteristics of the pedagogical community as a subject of organizational and self-organizational processes in society “,

“Social-psychological factors of the integration of the Russian-speaking community into modern Ukrainian society”,

“Social-psychological factors of overcoming poverty as a lifestyle”,

“Psychological strategies of adaptation of the community to the conditions and consequences of the war conflict”,

“Technologies of social-psychological support of stigmatized minorities”

theoretical approaches and methodical tools were developed for the analysis of the position and trends in the evolution of mass consciousness and behavior in various spheres of life, disclosing their psychological content.


Our publications in the Electronic Library of the NAES of Ukraine

Head of the department:

Iryna Hubeladze

head of the department, Dr.Sc. (Psychology), senior researcher

Has more than 13 years of scientific and teaching experience. The author of more than 80 scientific publications, including two individual monographs, co-author of two collective monographs, one practical guide and two methodical recommendations, as well as specialized articles and materials of an approbation aspect. The author of several popular science materials. Media expert.

Scientific interests: psychology of ownership, psychology of migration, social, economic, political psychology, family and child psychology, psychology of relationships.


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Staff of the department:


Vadym Vasiutynskyi

Dr. Sc. (Psychology), Professor, chief scientist


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Larysa Korobka

PhD (Psychology), associate professor, senior researcher, chief scientist

She has more than 36 years of scientific and teaching experience, the author of more than 110 scientific works, including: 2 collective monographs, 1 practical guide, 7 educational and practical publications, 69 scientific articles, theses in conference materials.

Scientific interests: problems of the psychology of mass consciousness, social-psychological aspects of health and attitudes towards it, social-psychological problems of adaptation of the individual and the community, problems of social-psychological training of specialists in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education.


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Veniamin Vinkov

PhD (Psychology), researcher

He has more than 10 years of scientific experience, as well as more than 5 years of practical experience in social work with children at risk and their parents. Author of more than 40 publications; co-author of 3 monographs.

Scientific interests: psychology of social representations, psychology of success, social capital, volunteering, public activity.


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ORCID 0000-0002-1237-0637

Ihor Husiev

PhD (Psychology), researcher

He has more than 10 years of scientific and teaching experience, 30 publications, including 15 in specialized scientific publications of Ukraine; co-author of 2 monographs, a practical guide, two methodical recommendations.

Scientific interests: political and social psychology, the study of issues of discrimination and inequality, behavior in the media field, monitoring the socio-political opinion of the population



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ORCID 0000-0002-3426-8799

Svitlana Kravchuk

PhD (Psychology), associate professor, senior researcher

She has more than 20 years of scientific and teaching experience, more than 135 publications, of which 118 are scientific and 19 are educational and methodical aspect. The author of the manual with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Experimental psychology: theory and practice of psychological experiment”.

Scientific interests: political psychology, social psychology, experimental psychology, psychology of creativity, psychology of aggression, psychodiagnostics, psychology of specialty, psychology of health, evolution psychology, differential psychology, psychology of organization.


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Oksana Strіlchuk

PhD (Psychology), researcher

She has more than 4.5 years of scientific and teaching experience. Author of 15 publications, of which 6 are scientific and 1 is of a educational and methodical aspect.

Scientific interests: media psychology, general and child psychology, social psychology, environmental psychology.


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ORCID 0000-0002-8854-2597


Main Publiсations

Коробка, Л.М. (Ред.) (2022). Support of stigmatized minorities: socio-psychological technologies. Practical guide. (in Ukrainian)


Hubeladze, I.H. (2021). Social Psychology of Ownership. Monograph (in Ukrainian)


Korobka, L.М. (Edt.) (2021). Social and psychological means of increasing tolerance to otherness and diversity in the educational environment. Guidelines (in Ukrainian)


Korobka, L.М. (Edt.) (2019). Psychological means of collective overcoming of the consequences of military conflict. Guidelines (in Ukrainian)


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Vasiutynskyi, V.O. (2005). Interactional psychology of power. Monograph (in Ukrainian)

The services we offer

  • mass and group socio-psychological surveys
  • expert assessment and forecasting of social and political phenomena
  • reviewing all types of scientific and popular science products
  • developing and conducting focus groups and social-psychological trainings on various problems of social life
  • psychological counseling and psychotherapeutic assistance
  • practice for students of higher education institutions: scientific/industrial
  • career guidance for children and adults (consulting and research)
  • research methods in political and social psychology
  • implementation of project management

International projects

  • Polish-Ukrainian Summer School for Early Career Researchers (Warsaw, Poland, 2022), Hubeladze I.
  • NEMIS – Non-formal Education against Mental Illness Stigma (Erasmus+) (Monesteria Huamuruli, Romania, 2022), Hubeladze I.
  • Eurodoc – the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (2020-2022), Hubeladze I.
  • International Course on Science Diplomacy (Trieste, Italy, 2020), Hubeladze I.
  • International Polish-Ukrainian project “Innovative University and Leadership” (Warsaw-Krakow, Poland2019), Hubeladze I.
  • Eurasian Peace Studies Exchange Networking (Norway, Georgia, Germany, Kyrgyz Republic, 2017-2019) (Vasiutynskyi V., Hubeladze I.)
  • The Role of Religion in the Stability of the Former Soviet Republics, RAND Corporation (USA) (Vasiutynskyi V.)
  • Digital Influence Survey. The study, “Worldwide Digital Influence Survey”, Massey University and University of Vienna (Vasiutynskyi V.)
  • European Forum Alpbach “New Enlightenment”, Alpbach (Austria) (I.M. Husiev)
  • International scientific (multilateral) associations – Polish Association of Social Psychology, membership in the editorial board of the collection “Problems of Political Psychology”, the journals “Journal of Social and Political Psychology” (USA), “Psychologia Społeczna” (Poland) (Vasiutynskyi V.O. .)